How it works: Private online lessons

No more passive apps or videos - learn one-on-one at your own pace with a real teacher. Engage in a conversation from day one.

1.  Select your plan:

  • Monthly subscription: You'll have access to a certain number of hours of private online lessons per month and the billing is monthly. 
  • One-time prepaid package: With a package option, you can bulk-purchase a set number of hours and allocate them however you'd like within a 12-month period. 

2. Select your teacher

3. Book directly onto the teacher's calendar and get instant confirmation

3. Start learning! Learn. Learn at your own pace with one-on-one instruction. Speaking is at the heart of all our programs, and with private lessons, you'll get even more time to practice.You can access the teacher’s Zoom virtual classroom in the tab My Lessons. Clicking on Start Lesson link will open your classroom link. 

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