What is the difference between group, private and online classes?

Group Courses 

We run small, social, immersive group language classes in NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC and Boston for every level of experience. Our style is unique, and completely different from the traditional grammar-focused teaching methods. As a group, we focus on the confidence and conversational skills you need to connect and communicate in a real-world environment.

Private Lessons 

Private lessons are in-person held in a 1-on-1 environment with a Fluent City teacher. The student decides what, when, and where to learn with flexible scheduling and a tailored curriculum. It’s our most popular learning choice for busy people, those who need to get fluent fast, and to cover off specific learning goals that aren’t covered elsewhere.

Online Lessons 

Learn one-on-one from anywhere with internet, over video chat with our online lessons. With a monthly subscription to online lessons, students at all levels of knowledge can learn with an expert teacher. Unlike other online learning methods, this is the only method where you’re guaranteed a skilled, experienced language teacher to rapidly increase conversational fluency.

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