When does my monthly subscription start?

Your subscription is activated at the moment of purchase. This means that you have one month from the day of your purchase to book and hold your lessons. You can start booking lessons right away or wait a day or two -- this won't alter the "anchor date", or the day of the month on which your card is charged for the monthly subscription. 

If you purchase your monthly subscription for 8 hours per month (Plus plan at $299/month) on July 5th, your subscription is activate on July 5th and you have between July 5th and August 5th to schedule and complete 8 hours of lessons.

On August 5th, your subscription will automatically renew and you'll be charged $299, at which point you'll have access to 8 more hours to use before September 5th. Your hours don't roll over, so be sure to use them within your current billing cycle! 

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