Where are the lessons held?

We hold online private lessons in the teacher's Zoom virtual classroom, allowing for real-time conversation, chat, file sharing, and more.

After you book and confirm a lesson with your teacher, you can access his or her virtual classroom via your Student Account --> My Lessons --> Start Lessons link. Be sure to only enter the room during your scheduled session start time. 

Preparing for your first class
Before taking your first class, please make sure that you have downloaded the free program Zoom where we host all of our online group classes.

To ensure that everything works smoothly, we suggest that you give it a test before your first class using this link: https://www.zoom.us/test

  1. Go to zoom.us/test
  2. Press "Join"
  3. Download and install the Zoom software
  4. After that, a test meeting will be automatically launched
  5. You'll need to click on "Test computer Mic and Speakers" to make sure you will be able to hear your classmates and participate in activities
  6. After that you can officially "Join" the meeting. At any time, you can close the meeting by clicking on "leave meeting"

You're all set up!

Feel free to contact [email protected] with any additional questions. 

Read about Zoom resources here: Zoom resources

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